Like most students that studied ceramics, I was intensely interested in historic and ancient work. But that work remains remote to most viewers. It is invariable isolated behind glass on a shelf in a cabinet.


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So much learning with ceramics comes from handling: How does the surface feel? Is it well balanced? How much does it weigh? And how often do you get to see the foot (underside) of the piece, where so much information resides? For an example, see the bottom of the 18th century salt-fired jug to the right.

My goal is to provide a unique opportunity to learn about pre-Columbian and other work through 'talks' and to supplement them by having exemplary pieces to closely examine first hand.

The animation to the left displays the way the Indian developed the sophisticated design of the finished work. This developing design is an example of an image shown in a presentation.

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  • What is a 'Collaborative' lecture?

  • Collaborative means that the teacher or host helps to define the learning objectives for the lecture. Emphasis can be adjusted to emphasize various aspects of the pottery: technique, design, form, or function for example.

  • How much would it cost?

  • This is negotiable. Factors would include driving time, length of desired presentations, and number of presentations. The standard honorarium offered by schools is usually sufficient.

  • What is offered in a presentation?

  • You may leave the presentation entirely up to me or tailor it to fit your needs. Typically a talk includes a slide/PowerPoint presentation, discussion of work brought for illustration, and the student's examination of the artifacts.

  • May I have a copy of the presentation?

  • Certainly. The teacher is presented with a CD-ROM of the lecture materials and photographs of the collection - in particular those items brought to the class. Feel free to use this any time afterwards for reference or additional classroom use.

  • Is the material copy write protected?

  • Yes, please feel free to use it for your classroom purposes, but don't distribute it without written consent.

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