Russ completed an Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Denver and was immediately conscripted for military service for the Vietnam war.  After completing his military service, Russ pursued his passion for art and studied ceramics with Roger Lang at Metro State College.  (Some of you may know Roger — he was the host for NCECA 2000)  During that time, Russ participated in workshops by Betty Woodman, Jim and Nan McKinnell and Paul Soldner.

Graduate work for an MFA was completed in Sculpture from the University of Wyoming with advisor and friend, David Reif.  Russ has since taught and lectured at numerous schools and colleges.   He was also a production potter and continues to travel and research ceramic traditions.

Russ was a C-130 Pilot at the 302d AW in Colorado Springs.  He flew with the Hurricane Hunters and flew tactical airlift and fire drop missions.  Now with retirement, he will renew an emphasis as lecturer, educator, scholar, artist and collector.

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